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Listening to two of three places


Being 167 years old, the elf elder, Crowbelia, knows many elven brain tips.  For example, she remembers being a young elf and learning to listen to herself in three places, the head, the heart and the gut.  (If you do not know this tip, you might like to read it first.   listen-to-yourself

Recently, Crowbelia had a frightfully uncomfortable day.  The stories of many young and hopeful elves were stacked up to read, there were letters to answer and sign, and her To Do list had become the length of a long scroll.  At the end of the day, as Crowbelia bumped along the path in her wilderwagon, she could not stop thinking about her work.  She could not enjoy the forest.  She hardly knew she was there.


Crowbelia is an elf of action, so she pulled the reigns to a hard right, and steered the dragonflies to the dwelling of the wise elves!  Once there, she poured out her troubles.

Only one of the four wise elves was at home, but he knew exactly what would help.  “Listen to the heart and gut,” he advised.  “Right now is a time when your head is too full of thoughts.  So, give your full listening attention to your heart and gut, but not your head.  Just for now…”



Crowbelia set off again in her wilderwagon, listening first to her heart.  All of a sudden, all of the color, sounds and good cheer of the forest flooded her senses.  She felt wonderful driving home, and was not bothered by a single thought about her work.


Footnote:  Crowbelia shared with Shrub and me that she now listens only to her heart and gut on her rides to and from work!

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