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Creating a cat for All Hallow’s Eve


In both the elven world and the human world, black cats are commonly associated with this evening.  I want to show you how to create a cat just for the occasion!

Step 1: We begin very simply by drawing three circles: the bottom circle should be the biggest as this is for the hind end of the cat.  The top circle is smaller and it will become the head.  The circle in the middle is the smallest and the most round.


Step 2: To the top circle, we add triangles for the ears, two eyes and one circle where the mouth will be. On the very bottom, add a line that will become her tail.
  With just a few lines and shapes, we can already see a cat taking shape.


Step 3: Now it might get just a little tricky. We are going to add the cat’s feet.  Four circles at the bottom will do for the paws.  Next, we draw V-shaped lines from the two paws in the middle .  These are legs which extend up to the middle circle. Be sure to look at my drawing here. Then, we also add two slightly more pointy V-shapes to each side of the cat’s face to make her look even more kitty-like.

cat03_WEB1Step 4: Now we draw in the mouth and give the eyes their pupils. A cat’s pupils are different from a human’s or an elf’s.  They can be round, but often they appear as thin lines.  A witch’s hat will also dress the cat up.


Step 5: As for the shading, it wants to be dark, although I did give her a white chest.  I also refined the shape of the body a little more, and added whiskers, as well.  Oh, and the tail needs some thickness. This is the stage where you can have fun detailing your drawing!


Step 6: If you want to take your drawing further, you can add small ghosts, pumpkins, fall leaves or any other details that strike you.


Black cats are sometimes thought to be bad luck, but here in the workshop we think they are wonderful.

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